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About Aalborg

About Aalborg

Aalborg is located in the center of Northern Jutland. Here in the green city by the fjord awaits a lot of good experiences. The city seethes with life and charm.

It was the Vikings, who originally founded Aalborg. The development continued, and in the Medieval times the city was one of Scandinavia's busiest trading centers. Today, Aalborg is a commercial and industrial city with proud traditions and a dynamic thinking town always prepared to meet new challenges. One of the city's strengths is electronics and telecommunications, and Aalborg also has a forward-looking education and research policy - strongly influenced by Aalborg University. With 160,000 inhabitants, Aalborg is Denmark's fourth largest city.

Aalborg lies in the middle of Northern Jutland, which by nature is the place in Denmark, with the most sunshine hours. Perhaps the reason that Northern Jutland is known for good humor and a warm twinkle in his eye. Do you want to leave the city for a short while, there is only a half hour drive to the North Sea's wide, sandy beaches or the beautiful natural areas as Rold Skov and Jyske Aas.

Aalborg is a lively city that buzzes with activity day and night - summer and winter. Aalborg love to party, and among the many new events that sees the light of day, we know that many events return year after year. The city's theaters show performances year-round, and Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center offers everything from ballet and opera to concerts, musicals and shows with international names. Aalborg Symphony Orchestra offers an exciting bouquet of concert experiences. Also the rhythmic music thrives in Aalborg with many exciting venues and outdoor rock concerts.

Look forward to experience the Capital of Northern Jutland and the slightly reclined North Jutland peoples mind close up. You will find that Aalborg has extremely much to offer - day and night.